Craving an afternoon snack to quiet your grumbling stomach and boost your lagging energy levels, but not wanting to feel guilty about it later? Snacking gets a bad rep because many popular snacks are bad for your teeth. Let’s turn the tables. Here’s a list of 5 snacks that are good for your teeth.

1. Yogurt, Cheese, and Milk

Dairy-based snacks like yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, and milk are all great-tasting snacks that are good for your teeth, too. Dairy contains many necessary vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D to help strengthen your teeth.

2. Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies offer many benefits to your teeth, and your whole body, thanks to their high nutrient content. The crunchiness and high fiber content can also help to clean your teeth and massage your gums as you eat them, particularly if you eat the fruit and veggies raw or uncooked.

3. Popcorn

When you hear the word popcorn, you may immediately imagine a movie theater bag, overfilled and dripping with butter. But popcorn prepared at home can be a surprisingly healthy snack. Try it lightly sprinkled with sea salt, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or even drizzled with dark chocolate.

4. Chocolate

Speaking of chocolate: yes, it can be good for your teeth! Chocolate candies typically contain lots of added sugar, but dark chocolate is made with less sugar and offers some great health benefits. It’s a little known secret that chocolate contains compounds that can actually help to harden and strengthen your teeth.

5. Fondue, Hummus, and Tzatziki

Cheese fondues, hummus, and tzatziki sauce made with cucumber and yogurt are all healthy dips that pack in the nutrients. Pair them with fruit and veggies for a doubly healthy and flavorful snack.

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush!

These are all delicious snacks that are good for your teeth, so dig in! But remember, no matter how healthy the snack is, food particles, sugars, and acids from the foods can linger and lead to cavities or gum irritation. So it’s still important to brush and floss your teeth after eating and get regular dental cleanings to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

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