We all want to avoid cavities and have a bright and beautiful smile. It all starts with knowing how to support your dental health by practicing proper care and nutrition. Are there things that can make your teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities? Let’s talk about 5 ways to strengthen your teeth for a healthy smile.

1. Cut Back on Sugar

You may have heard that sugar is bad for your teeth, but not been told why. Sugar by itself isn’t bad, but when it combines with the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth, it produces an acid that can weaken and erode your enamel.

Limiting how much sugary foods or drinks you consume can be one of the best ways to strengthen your teeth because it can help to give your teeth a chance to remineralize so that they can be protected against cavities and decay.

2. Eat More Calcium

Just like your bones, your teeth need certain vitamins and minerals in order to stay strong and healthy. Calcium is an especially important nutrient for your teeth. Eating foods that are high in calcium such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products can help to support your dental health.

3. Beware of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth may seem like just an annoyance, but it can actually cause serious problems for your teeth if it occurs regularly. That’s why it’s important to treat it. Your saliva is your body’s natural way of washing away food particles, bacteria, and remineralizing your teeth, so when your saliva flow is diminished, your teeth can be more prone to cavities and other issues.

If you’re experiencing dry mouth, talk with your dentist. Your dentist can help to pinpoint the root cause of the problem so that you can find a treatment option that provides effective and long-term results.

4. Avoid Clenching and Grinding

Did you know that many people who clench their teeth don’t know that they are doing it? Teeth clenching and grinding can wear away at your enamel, though, so it’s important to address it.

One easy way to find out if you’ve been holding extra tension in your jaw is to stick out your tongue and check if the sides of your tongue show indentations from your teeth. This is a sign that you’ve been clenching your teeth. Your dentist can provide recommendations to help relieve the tension in your jaw.

5. Use Products with Fluoride

One of the easiest and most effective ways to strengthen your teeth is to make sure your teeth are getting enough fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been shown to help strengthen dental enamel and prevent cavities. Many dental products contain added fluoride, but you can also talk with your dentist about targeted fluoride treatments that can be applied at your next visit to ensure that your teeth have sufficient fluoride so that you experience the optimum teeth-strengthening benefits.

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